MDH’s travels

This page exists so Grandma H. and our parents can follow along as my pilot husband flits from here to there and back again.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   8/28/2014   Ottawa CA Aug 25

Ankenny, Iowa   8/20/2014  temp.temp_taken_picture

Van Nuys, California   8/16/2014 CAM00516 CAM00518 CAM00513 CAM00510 mod_1408298066122

Hailey, Idaho   8/13/2014 IMG_1633CAM00493 CAM00494

Spokane, Washington   8/12/2014 temp.temp_taken_picture CAM00482CAM00490


2 thoughts on “MDH’s travels

  1. Just found this part of your blog. Will check it more carefully now, as I often wonder where your darling husband is. He must keep you well informed, the pictures add so much. That man does get around.

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