surprise #3


While cutting down some old bushes along our front porch today, I spotted a canna lily that I did not plant. My mother-in-law informed me that cannas grow as perennials here in Tennessee. A previous owner of the house planted it. That, or an animal dropped a canna lily seed. Hmmm…I am so curious to see what color the flowers will be. The leaf color is exotic and will add some good contrast to the green-leaved flora that I plant. I transplanted it to a pot temporarily, until I have a spot ready for it in the sunnier flower bed between the house and driveway.

In the brown pot are a couple of hydrangea cuttings that my mother-in-law let me take from her bush. I am attempting to root them. One has a couple of living leaves on it, so it may have some roots, but I want to wait longer to pull it out and check.


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