better mow that grass

20150324_182921 My Darling Husband turned over one of a handful of stumps in our back yard and found two hibernating critters. After some research and inquiring of Tennesseans, I figured that they are either rat snakes or pine snakes. Both are harmless.




This daffodil is the first flower we have here at our new house. It is currently the only flower. Previous owners of this house landscaped nicely, but not all of it has survived. The flower beds are in place, edged with rocks. I have lots of weeds to pull and I do mean lots. There are two living rose bushes and a few boxwoods. I definitely will be utilizing those and the tulips that are coming up. With time, lots of elbow grease, and education about some other plants we inherited (new region = new plants) our yard will become as pretty as this daffodil.