the fruits of my labor

Over the past few weeks I have been picking mulberries and raspberries. Both kinds of fruit grow wild in this region, along with there being u-pick orchards that sell raspberries. I have a few plastic containerfuls from the wild fruits that I picked. I was going to make some jam with them and the small amount of strawberries that I picked at a farm last month. Said fruit has been in the freezer. The jam has yet to be made. My Darling Husband was in dire need want of something sweet today, so I used some of the mulberries and raspberries to make a cobbler. 20140722_195331  I used this heirloom recipe from one branch of My Darling Husband’s family. 20140722_195455In place of margarine (oleo), I used butter and a little vegetable shortening; I approximated 1/2 cup. For the flour, I used 3/4 cup all-purpose and 1/4 cup wheat.  Then I ended up stirring in a bit more wheat flour because I used too much butter/shortening! I used unsweetened fruit, except for the sugar that was already in the cherry pie filling that I mixed with the mulberries and raspberries.20140722_221117 It turned out good: the right balance of fruit and cake. Deeelicious! It would be even better with real whipped cream.