airplanes and art

A friend from church invited My Darling Husband and I to join him at the model airplane show down in Toledo, Ohio today. That friend is a member of the organization and quite the enthusiast!  While neither MDH nor I are joining that bandwagon, it was fun to to see the working models.


My Darling Husband practicing his pilot skills with both feet on the ground. Even I got to fly!

My Darling Husband and I spent a couple of hours at the model airplane show, then we headed over to my comfort zone, the Toledo Museum of Art.  This was our first time to visit this particular art museum.  I’m always game for exploring new houses of art.0405141249-00

Below are photos of some of my favorite offerings at the museum:

0405141307-00 0405141307-01

0405141324-00 0405141324-01 0405141329-010405141330-00

0405141329-000405141331-020405141331-00 0405141331-01

0405141346-00 0405141346-01 0405141346-02


0405141404-00 0405141404-02 0405141405-00

0405141406-00 0405141406-01 0405141406-02 0405141407-01 0405141411-00 0405141411-01 0405141411-02

0405141412-00 0405141412-01

0405141438-00 0405141439-00

0405141441-00 0405141441-01 0405141442-01


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